​​​Dear families,

I am so grateful our children are attending Brookfield State School for their primary school education. From the time we first did our tour we were convinced ‘this was the one’ and I can honestly say the school has exceeded our expectations. There are many reasons, to name a few - an exceptional principal and teaching staff, wide open spaces as well as a unique community feel, which I believe sets us apart.

There is an old cliché ‘It takes a community to raise a child’, which so captures the spirit of Brookfield. From our experience, this is due to the time and effort parents and teachers invest in caring for our children.

The P&C plays a critical role in the school, including:

  • managing the important services of tuckshop and uniform shop
  • providing financial support to the school
  • allowing parents and the community to be involved
  • allowing parents and the community to have a voice if there are issues
  • providing support to the Principal if required.

Tuckshop is run by our convenor Susan Sansbury and operates on a Monday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. To provide a quality and healthy choice tuckshop service volunteers are needed to work with Susan. Volunteering can take the form of tuckshop duty, offering home-baked treats or through donations of grocery items. Susan with the aid of a faithful band of volunteers also runs the uniform shop. The shop is open on a Monday morning and orders can be made online all week with delivery to classrooms on a Monday.

Fundraising is a vital component of the P&C, enabling the school to provide the ‘extras’ over and above their standard funding. Both the school and wider local community look forward to our monthly burger bar at the showgrounds. We hold other fundraisers throughout the year including our Bush Dance, Trivia Night, Mother’s and Father’s Day stalls.

Volunteering, I believe, is not only crucial to support the school community but also a privilege. You can see your children interacting in their natural environment and learn what is happening around the school. To not over-commit busy families to fundraising, we have a voluntary and building fund contribution scheme (see further information) to enable the P&C to meet our commitments to the school and our children.

We invite you to attend our monthly P&C meetings held on the second Tuesday of each month at 7pm in B Block. By coming along, you will see the P&C in action, learn more about what’s going on and get involved in discussions about future activities that affect our school.

Many friendships have been made and fostered at Brookfield State School, which is a treasured part of our local community.

Last reviewed 19 May 2022
Last updated 19 May 2022