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Student services and support programs

Special Education Program (SEP)

Brookfield State School Special Education Program (SEP) offers a range of support modes for students profiled under the Education Adjustment Program (EAP) process with Intellectual, Physical, Hearing, Visual and Speech Impairments, Autism and Asperger’s Syndrome.

Teachers and Teacher Aides from the SEP, support students with disabilities in the classroom and occasionally in the SEP room when a quiet space for individual work is required.

SEP Teachers consult with and assist class teachers in planning units and programs to meet the needs of all students, they also assist class teachers in modifying class resources to meet identified needs.

The SEP Teacher also develops partnerships with parents, classroom teachers, administrators and specialists in the provision of the individual educational needs of the student.

Guidance Officer

Brookfield State School is supported by a Guidance Officer who provides support to teacher, students and families as needed.

Duties include:

  • assessment of students identified with Special Needs
  • supporting staff, students and families connected to the Special Education Unit
  • advising staff and parents on programming options for students.

A Guidance Officer from Education Queensland is based in the school to assist in identifying student difficulties and to make recommendations regarding assistance. Arrangements are made in consultation with parents and with parental approval.

All inquiries regarding Guidance Officer assistance should be made to the school office. On occasions it is appropriate to approach the guidance officer directly. For example parents may want advice on behaviour management at home. The telephone number is available from the office.

Support Teacher Literacy and Numeracy (STLaN)

Brookfield State School is supported by a Support Teacher Literacy and Numeracy.

Our STLaN teacher manages learning support for children identified with specific academic needs across literacy and numeracy areas.

Support can be in the form of classroom teacher guidance and support, direct assessment, explicit teaching, in-class material support, home programmes and parent training support.

Support is accessed via the Student Support Management procedures via Classroom Teacher recommendation that a child may need some form of support. Parents with concerns about a child's academic progress should first speak to the child's Classroom Teacher.

Progress of students requiring support is monitored by the STLaN teacher in conjunction with Classroom Teachers.

Gifted Education Facilitator

Brookfield State School is supported by a Gifted Education Facilitator.

Our Gifted Education Facilitator is employed two days per week to work with Classroom Teachers to plan and implement opportunities to extend more able students. For more information, talk with your child's teacher or contact the office.